• Saves time, money & looks better
  • 8”+ clearance from grade
  • Ideal for snowy climates
  • More ground support than ribbed pads
  • Provides 2° base drainage angle, while the unit installs level
  • Fits nicely over existing pads
  • Available in 32"x 32" and 36"x 36"
  • 36”x 36” pad fits units with footprints from 24”x 24” to 36”x 36”
  • Nestable for storage and shipping
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  • Saves time, money & looks better
  • 5”+ rise for proper drainage pitch
  • 80% thicker plastic than usual pans
  • Allows easy access to equipment
  • Will not rust or bend like metal
  • Directs water out from under unit 
  • Fits a wide range of unit footprints
  • Nestable for storage and shipping
  • Kit includes Condensate CopTM
    float switch
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Heat Pump PadTM saves up to 30 minutes per installation
The Heat Pump PadTM reduces the time, hassle, and cost associated with elevating equipment above snow and ice. DiversiTech’s patented “star” design lifts equipment a minimum of 8” above grade (the same height as a 2” pad with 6” risers). Plus, each pad ships with eight anti-vibration pads included for quiet operation.

“We like it a lot. It probably saves about a half hour, especially with one person,” explains Brian Geiser, Service Manager for Countryside Plumbing of Long Prairie, MN. “This is better than Pump-Ups®. Easier to set on…we don’t have to get underneath and move risers. I prefer to use this pad.” A 36" square Heat Pump PadTM will hold any brand and footprint up to 36" x 36".

“The old Pump-Ups® are trouble. They’re not the most stable things—and look goofy,” says Tom Johnson, Sales Manager for Johnstone Supply’s Muskegon Group in Michigan. “The Heat Pump Pad is really popular, and contractors are using them for air conditioners, too.”

The Heat Pump Pad is easy to carry to the jobsite and set. When the pad is placed level, its angled base automatically drains condensate and melted snow, without the contractor having to angle the pad. The built-in risers guarantee stable installation. In addition, the thin base of the Heat Pump Pad allows for a snug fit over an existing pad. The finished look is uniform, substantial, and professional.

“The labor savings are obvious [just looking at it],” adds Jim McCue of Al Byers Indoor Comfort Systems of Janesville, WI. “The material cost is comparable. It’s a neat idea for supporting air conditioners more easily. The stackable aspect really helps us.” Between jobs, the pads nest together for storage.

“Contractors like the pad’s versatility, labor savings, professional appearance, and ease of installation…and they really like the EVA anti-vibration pads that are included,” agrees Tom Schleisner, President of Janesville Winair.

Time, material, and labor savings are earning glowing reviews for the DiversiTech Heat Pump Pad. Technicians who are interested in learning more may contact their distributor, visit www.HeatPumpPad.com, or call DiversiTech (Duluth, GA) at 800-995-2222 to request a brochure and the name of a local stocking distributor.
Contractors save time, money using High Rise PanTM with built-in risers
A new twist on the conventional drain pan is helping contractors squeeze more profit out of each job, while also providing a better installation. DiversiTech’s one-piece, heavy-duty secondary drain pan is 80% thicker than their standard plastic pan and is made with built-in risers. The risers raise equipment 2-3/4” above the pan lip and provide 5” lift to assure proper drain line pitch.

“The pan probably saves a half hour on the job. It’s equally good on both new installations and replacements,” says Grady Damron, shop foreman at Lang’s Heating & Air of Hilton Head, South Carolina.  “The kit that comes with the pan is convenient, and the pan itself is durable and lightweight, with the rise we want. We switched from metal because metal pans rust.”

“It’s a no-brainer,” says Sam Gill, branch manager of Black’s Wholesale Distributing in Clarkston, Washington. “The contractors know the pan’s going to be a time-saver.”

“Guys are quick to recognize the High Rise PanTM saves them labor once they use it. It’s not something they have to even think about,” agrees Tom Quinn, general manager of HVAC Distributors in Norwood, NJ. “They absolutely love them! It’s changed everything…very few contractors ask for the old type of pan anymore.” Pans sold in kit form come complete with a Condensate CopTM float switch, six EVA anti-vibration pads, and a ¾” PVC male adapter. Specially shaped recesses allow the contractor to position the anti-vibration pads to fit any air handler. The pans nest to save space, and installation is straightforward and hassle-free.

“Our customers buy the pans out every time we get a shipment. The High Rise Pan® is all-in-one, ready to go,” adds Mingledorff’s Hilton Head store manager Brian Metzger.

ABS plastic pans have enjoyed great success in the market for the past fifteen years. The innovative High Rise Pan has the added benefit of thicker plastic and molded risers, while keeping the key qualities contractors want: no seams, no rust, no leaks, and great flexibility for tight fits in the attic.

By saving time, material, and labor, the DiversiTech High Rise PanTM is gaining widespread support. Technicians who are interested in learning more may contact their distributor, visit www.diversitech.com, or call DiversiTech (Duluth, GA) at 800-995-2222 to request a brochure and the name of a local stocking distributor.
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